How To Cure Dog Dandruff

 Just like humans, dog dandruff is also caused in a similar way. Dog dandruff is the amalgamation of dead cells of the dog that have accumulated over days. If the dog has not been bathed for days, then the dandruff becomes more visible. In most of the cases, this can be cured by regularly brushing the dog and giving it a good bath. If the problem still persists, the following remedies can be adopted.

 1. Dry skin is often the main reason behind dog dandruff. A change in the diet of the dog would change the situation. If your dog is consuming a healthy diet with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids, then its coat and skin would improve. This would lead to reduction in dog dandruff. One can opt for healthier dog food with enriched vitamins and minerals to counter this deficiency.

 2. The dog should be bathed regularly to get rid of dog dandruff. The water should not be too hot as extremely hot water tends to strip away the natural moisture of the skin. It is best to bathe your dog twice during the winter season and four times during the summer. For better effects, you can shampoo your dog with a baby shampoo. Rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly and apply the shampoo. Gentle massaging would increase the blood circulation in the skin. Rinse the shampoo off your dog and clean him thoroughly.

 3. As note of warning,never use anti-dandruff shampoo meant for humans on dogs. These shampoos contain many harsh chemicals absolutely unsuitable for dogs. So, it is best to buy a medicated shampoo from an authorized pet store. Also, never apply flea shampoo onto your dog’s coat as it is an irritant and contains insecticide. This would leave the dog’s coat itchy and dry.

 4. Humans quite often use oatmeal shampoos and soaps to treat dandruff. You can use the same for dog dandruff as it is great for dogs. It has a moisturizing effect on the dog’s skin.

 5. For very aggravated cases of dog dandruff, you could use pet shampoo containing salicylic acid or Sulphur.

 6. This point is most important for dog owners living in dry climate. Yu could purchase an oil rinse form the pet store and spray your dog with it. This would lubricate the skin and get rid of the dog dandruff problem.

 7. Brushing the dog is important as it would take out the flakes from the dog’s coat. Regular grooming is necessary. You should first test the brush the back of your hand. If it feels too coarse then it is not ideal for your dog. Any soft brush should do the trick. You can also apply the moisturizer or oil you use for yourself to lubricate the coat of the dog.

 Dog dandruff is a common problem amongst all dog owners and dog lovers. Thus if you adopt some simple measures like regular grming and healthy diet for your dog, you can get rid of the dog dandruff and help your dog lead a healthier life.